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Bangalore Metro Travel Guide: Fare Rules, Helpline no.

In this article, India Metro Rail(IMR) has compiled for you Bangalore Metro Fare & Travel Rules along with Helpine no.

Bangalore Metro Fare & Travel Rules

  • Tickets used to Bangalore Metro is of contact less nature/technology. There are 2 types of tickets – Tokes(for single travel) and Smart Card (for multiple journey/travel)
  • The smart card is beneficial for a regular traveler as you get an additional 5% discount on Bangalore Metro Fare. You can load/recharge smart card with an amount in multiple of Rs 50. The maximum of Rs. 3000 can be added into any smart card.
  • If you are a casual traveller, a token would be more beneficial for you.
  • There are no age criteria for tickets in Bangalore Metro. Children below 3 feet height do not need a ticket to travel.
  • There are automatic gates at the entry and they admit one person at a time. Therefore, it’s mandatory for passengers to carry either Bangalore Metro Smart Card or Token.
  • For entering the station, minimum fare will be charged.
  • There is a fine of Rs. up to for traveling without a ticket or if you lost your ticket.
  • Every which gate record the entry & exit details in token or Smart card. Each entry must be followed by the appropriate exit through exit automatic gates on the same day. If anyone skips any of the entry or exit, its termed as MISMATCH. The a /penalty for MISMATCH is Rs. 10.
  • IF you are holding a valid ticket of the Bangalore Metro, you can exit from the same station within 20 minutes from entering the station and within 120 minutes of other stations. If you stay beyond the stipulated time frame, there is a fine/penalty of Rs. 50 per hour which would be collected from you. The maximum amount of fine is set at Rs. 100.
  • There is a restriction on the luggage size which you can carry in the Bangalore Metro. Only one Luggage per person with up to the dimension of 60 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm (Length x Breadth X Height) is allowed. If you want to travel in Bangalore Metro with extra/additional luggage, there is a fee of Rs. 30 per baggage which you need to pay. Same apply for oversized baggage also. You have to purchase a luggage ticket from the Customer Care Center.
  • If you don’t purchase a ticket for the additional baggage, you will be charged with a fine/penalty of Rs 250.
  • The validity of the Smart Card add value is one year from the date of the last added value. If your validity is expired, you can extend the same by paying Rs. 20 at any of the customer care centers at any of the Bangalore Metro Station.

Helpline no.

  • Bangalore Metro Toll-free Helpline: 1800-425-12345
  • For any Complaints related to Bangalore Metro, Contact – 080 -25191091
  • Police – 100
  • Fire Station – 101
  • Ambulance – 102, 108

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